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The #fast food solo show of Ana Ştefania Andronic (Buzu)

Situated next to the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna, the Five Plus Gallery - a location that has always had a strong focus on Romanian contemporary art and only recently became more open to Austrian positions - put on view, between January 4 and January 31 2018, the first Viennese solo show of Ana Ştefania Andronic (Buzu), titled ‘#fast food’.

Ana Stefania Andronic (Buzu), Fast foods, fast wounds IX (detail), Courtesy of the Gallery

So, the chromatically well-balanced exhibition (which was neatly accompanied by a published catalogue) was curated by the Romanian art critic and museum director Doina Păuleanu, who described the artist’s imaginary as ‘apparently threatened by chaos’ and the artist herself as an ‘illustrator who has carefully avoided the temptations of contemplative life’.

Solo Show Ana Stefania Andronic (Buzu), Courtesy of the Gallery

The selection included three pieces of the familiar series ‘Motion blur’ - a triptych called ‘Motion blur I’ (150X300 cm), a diptych ‘Motion blur II’ (150X200 cm) and ‘Motion blur III’ (150X100 cm) - which particularly caught my attention, as I got the chance to see them last year within the fair Art Safari Bucharest, at the Senso Gallery booth. As a matter of fact, the recent exhibition at the Five Plus Gallery, which brought together 27 pieces of the artist, was organized in collaboration with the Senso Gallery from Bucharest. Aside from the graphic works and those realised in mixed technique, #fast food additionally laid out an untitled sculptural piece consisting of two hands with coloured stripes surrounded by gummi Haribo bears, as the highlight of the whole curatorial concept.

Solo Show Ana Stefania Andronic (Buzu), Courtesy of the Gallery

Obviously a big fan of comics and cartoons, Buzu often stages fantastic characters in abstract dreamy setups, creating works of colourful visual delight with great poetic value. However, for this solo show she employed fewer figures and more abstract perceptions of the #fast food phenomena.

Ana Stefania Andronic (Buzu), Perception VII, Courtesy of the Gallery

The artist graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest in 2006 and has been involved in many graphics and illustration endeavours, ranging from the first Romanian digital art festival (PAF/Print Art Fest) to publishing an inspiring colouring book for adults titled ‘Imaginarium’. Based in Bucharest, Buzu has been exhibited locally but also internationally and is preparing some interesting new projects after starting the year under such good premises.

Text by Ana-Daniela Sultana

Photos Courtesy of the Gallery

FIVE PLUS Art Gallery

41 Argentinier Street

1040 Vienna, Austria


Senso Gallery

15 Unirii Boulevard

040102 Bucharest, Romania


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