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Atelier und Kunstarbeit: Michaela Putz

Photo, global:artfair

Affordable Art Fair Milan 2019

A wide and rich art fair, where the visitor could "lose himself in art", or -even better- "dive into art", how not to drown it ? We can not give you the answer, but we can tell you which artworks we liked the most among all the ones that were exhibited in this "big art sea". Affordable Art Fair returned to Milan under the motto “Lose yourself in Art”. Inside the space of Super Studio Più, located in the lively and creative “Tortona” area, the public was shown thousands of works of art, galleries and artists from all around the world. Since its foundation, Affordable Art Fair has exposed artworks, the price of which can reach a maximum of 6,000 €. Its founder, Will Ramsey, first opened an a

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