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Fashion Spotlight: Florentina Leitners (CON)TEMPORARY FASHION SHOWCASE

Austrian Fashion Awards 2017



the viennese fashion scene

Vienna Emerges as a Fashion Capital
Fashion months are a cloistered industry event that sees designers display their latest creative work to a sea of press, buyers and stylists.
In the twenty-first century, Vienna ranks highly amongst the world's cities as a distinctive fashion center. Its characteristic products and sense of style compete with and complement the fashion values of other global fashion capitals including Paris, New York, London, Milan, and Tokyo.

New technologies contribute to the rapid dissemination of Vienna fashions throughout the world.
Vienna fashion studios and warehouses continue to support an active and influential local economy of young independent designers, stylists, photographers, publishers, and journalists.

Curated Documentary Video by Jesus Rivero

Fotos: (c) Lea Sonderegger

Take Festival for Independent

Fashion and Arts

The Take - Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts is the new event concept for the development, communication and encounter of national and international creative positions at the interface between fashion, art and everyday culture. For five days, the TAKE - Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts will turn an extraordinary location into a venue for contemporary fashion design and related creative disciplines.

Take Festival

Show Angewandte

University of Applied Arts Vienna

Each June, the Fashion Department organizes one of Austria’s most talked-about and widely covered fashion shows, the Show Angewandte. Numerous prizes awarded at the show testify to the notable artistic level of our students whose work is judged by an international jury of experts that also help them to build networks. 

Show Angewandte


Departure Fashion Night

Vienna Business Agency

The Vienna Business Agency presents the departure Fashion Night and celebrates the diversity of the local fashion scene. It offers fashion designers from Vienna the opportunity to present their collections to a broader public. As part of the Take Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts, selected designers and labels, supported by service and networking offers and funding programs of the Vienna Business Agency, show their collections.

Creative Industries

Austrian Fashion Association

The Austrian Fashion Association is an information, coordination and service point at the interface between fashion designers, business and culture. It provides funding work with the aim of promoting the professionalization and internationalization of the fashion design scene in Austria and creates the breeding ground for the development of creativity and the economic ambitions of Austrian fashion designers.

Austrian Fashion Association

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