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Thank you for using goes :art | channel TV. 
goes :art | channel TV is a non-commercial audiovisual media service on demand via electronic communication networks (Internet) for cultural journalism in Austria. Our service provides art movies, culture programs, and a variety of artistic contents through streaming and/or downloading by devices that is connected to the internet such as computers, smart TV, phones, and etc.


The revenue obtained through the rental of our visual content are destined and used to continue our work of cultural journalism and the production of new content. We also want to offer our service without advertising and maintain the quality of our work.

This Terms of service explains the relationship amongst - goes :art’s - service operator and the users  that use the service. Those who use our service must check and agree with this Terms of Service and policies (guidelines). With that being said, please review these terms of service carefully.

In general, goes :art | channel TV  provides the same content services to everyone. However, users may be differentiated based on the laws of specific countries, age groups, or other factors. With that, there may be limited access to some of the services and contents.

Unless otherwise specified, the terms of use detailed in this section apply generally when using this Website.

Single or additional conditions of use or access may apply in specific scenarios and in such cases are additionally indicated within this document.

By using this Website, Users confirm to meet the following requirements:
•    There are no restrictions for Users in terms of being Consumers or Business Users.

Content on this Website
Unless where otherwise specified or clearly recognizable, all content available on this Website is owned or provided by the Owner or its licensors.


The Owner undertakes its utmost effort to ensure that the content provided on this Website infringes no applicable legal provisions or third-party rights. However, it may not always be possible to achieve such a result.

In such cases, without prejudice to any legal prerogatives of Users to enforce their rights, Users are kindly asked to preferably report related complaints using the contact details provided in this document.

Rights regarding content on this Website - All rights reserved
The Owner holds and reserves all intellectual property rights for any such content.
Users may not therefore use such content in any way that is not necessary or implicit in the proper use of the Service.


In particular, but without limitation, Users may not copy, download, share (beyond the limits set forth below), modify, translate, transform, publish, transmit, sell, sublicense, edit, transfer/assign to third parties or create derivative works from the content available on this Website, nor allow any third party to do so through the User or their device, even without the User's knowledge.

Where explicitly stated on this Website, the User may download, copy and/or share some content available through this Website for its sole personal and non-commercial use and provided that the copyright attributions and all the other attributions requested by the Owner are correctly implemented.

Any applicable statutory limitation or exception to copyright shall stay unaffected. 


Intellectual property rights

Without prejudice to any more specific provision of these Terms, any intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights and design rights related to this Website are the exclusive property of the Owner or its licensors and are subject to the protection granted by applicable laws or international treaties relating to intellectual property.


All trademarks — nominal or figurative — and all other marks, trade names, service marks, word marks, illustrations, images, or logos appearing in connection with this Website are, and remain, the exclusive property of the Owner or its licensors and are subject to the protection granted by applicable laws or international treaties related to intellectual property.


Please respect the rights of others.

Only private viewing is allowed. You are renting a single view of the artwork.


The goes :art | channel TV services and all the contents provided by the service must be used only for personal and non-commercial purposes.


Moreover,  goes :art | channel TV  Users are not allowed to use our service for the purpose of using it in public places.

Access to external resources
Through this Website Users may have access to external resources provided by third parties. Users acknowledge and accept that the Owner has no control over such resources and is therefore not responsible for their content and availability.


Conditions applicable to any resources provided by third parties, including those applicable to any possible grant of rights in content, result from each such third parties’ terms and conditions or, in the absence of those, applicable statutory law.

Paid Products

Some of the Products provided on this Website, as part of the Service, are provided on the basis of payment.

The fees, duration and conditions applicable to the purchase of such Products are described below and in the dedicated sections of this Website.

Product description
Prices, descriptions or availability of Products are outlined in the respective sections of this Website and are subject to change without notice.


The characteristics of the chosen Product will be outlined during the purchasing process.

All notifications related to the described purchasing process shall be sent to the email address provided by the User for such purposes.

Users are informed during the purchasing process and before order submission, about any fees, taxes and costs (including, if any, delivery costs) that they will be charged.


Prices on this Website are displayed:
•    including all applicable fees, taxes and costs;


Methods of payment
Information related to accepted payment methods are made available during the purchasing process.


All payments are independently processed through third-party services. Therefore, this Website does not collect any payment information – such as credit card details – but only receives a notification once the payment has been successfully completed.

If payment through the available methods fail or is refused by the payment service provider, the Owner shall be under no obligation to fulfil the purchase order. Any possible costs or fees resulting from the failed or refused payment shall be borne by the User.

Payment process explained
1. Enter your email address and password on the next screen.
2. PayPal™ account,
3. After the payment is made, you will be able to continue watching this video.
4. If you experience any issues, check your PayPal™ email address.


Performance of services
The purchased service shall be performed or made available within the timeframe specified on this Website or as communicated before the order submission.

Please follow these instructions when using our service.
goes :art | channel TV does our best to ensure that our users can use our services freely and conveniently. However, to ensure that Users can use our services safely and that everyone’s rights are respected, we will need everyone’s cooperation. With that being said, in the following cases, the published content and service usage will be restricted. Please check and respect these rules.

•    You are not allowed to enter false information when registering or use someone else’s information. 
•    You are not allowed to use automated means (e.g. macro program, robots(bots), spiders, scraper, etc) to register as a User, login, deliver content, collect personal information or contents.

goes :art | channel TV is not responsible for anything that happens due to natural disasters, majeure situations, hindrance of communication lines, inspections due to system error, and service failures due to the User’s mistake.

The terms here follow and apply the laws of the Republic of Austria. In the case where there is a dispute between you and goes :art | channel TV  due to the service and terms, the dispute will be handled by Civil Procedure Act of the Republic of Austria.

Disclaimer of Warranties
This Website is provided strictly on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Use of the Service is at Users’ own risk. 


Without limiting the foregoing, the Owner, its subsidiaries, affiliates, licensors, officers, directors, agents, co-branders, partners, suppliers and employees do not warrant that the content is accurate, reliable or correct; that the Service will meet Users’ requirements; that the Service will be available at any particular time or location, uninterrupted or secure; that any defects or errors will be corrected. 

Any content downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the Service is downloaded at Users own risk and Users shall be solely responsible for any damage to Users’ computer system or mobile device or loss of data that results from such download or Users’ use of the Service.

The Owner does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for any product or service advertised or offered by a third party through the Service or any hyperlinked website or service, and the Owner shall not be a party to or in any way monitor any transaction between Users and third-party providers of products or services.

The Service may become inaccessible or it may not function properly with Users’ web browser, mobile device, and/or operating system. The owner cannot be held liable for any perceived or actual damages arising from Service content, operation, or use of this Service.

We try our best for the quality of our services.
goes :art | channel TV content’s screen quality may differ based on the content’s properties or device. Moreover, the quality may be affected by the internet bandwidth and the speed of the line.

goes :art | channel TV service is provided without any warranty or conditions. Although goes :art will try our best to maintain the quality of our services, we do not guarantee that our services will operate without any interruptions (for example from local internet service) or errors from external providers.

Users do not have the right to demand for compensation from goes :art | channel TV. However, this does not restrict members from consumer rights imposed by their country’s laws.

Service interruption
To ensure the best possible service level, the Owner reserves the right to interrupt the Service for maintenance, system updates or any other changes, informing the Users appropriately.

Additionally, the Service might not be available due to reasons outside the Owner’s reasonable control, such as “force majeure” (eg. labor actions, infrastructural breakdowns or blackouts etc).

Service reselling
Users may not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of this Website and of its Service without the Owner’s express prior written permission, granted either directly or through a legitimate reselling program.


Privacy policy
We will manage your personal information safely.


goes :art | channel TV  collects and uses the User’s personal information for the sole purpose of providing our service smoothly. We protect your personal information based on the laws and regulation.

To learn more about the use of their Personal Data, Users may refer to the privacy policy of this Website.

goes :art | channel TV is trying our best to protect the User’s important personal information to ensure that the Users can feel safe while using our service.

If goes :art fails to comply with the policy law of your country, please let us know through, goes :art | channel TV will do our best to protect the User’s personal information.

We will inform you on the personal information that is collected.
The personal information that goes :art | channel TV will collect when you register as a User includes your email address.
Collected information will be used like this.

goes :art | channel TV uses your personal information for the sole purposes of managing our service’s Users, development and improvements, establishing a safe internet environment.
•    Personal information is used for user identification.
•    Personal information is used to customize our services based on personal interest
•    Personal information is used to analyze statistics and usage records.
•    Personal information is used to verify your identity, purchase and pay for paid services.
•    Personal information is used to establish a safe service environment for users.


For an effective operation of services, goes :art | channel TV uses cookies.
In order for goes :art | channel TV to provide a service that is personalized and customized, cookies are used to store and retrieve User’s information.

A cookie is small text file that is sent to the User’s browser by the server used to run the User’s homepage and is saved in the User’s computer hard disk. The next time the User visits the webpage, the webpage server will read the information on the cookie that was saved in the User’s hard disk to keep the User’s preferences on the webpage. Therefore, the cookie is used to provide a customized service for our Users.

Since cookies do not automatically and actively collect information that identifies an individual, Users may reject or delete their saved cookies at any time.

Users have the options to install cookies. By setting options on the web browser, Users may permit all cookies, confirm every time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save any cookies. However, those who declined to store cookies may not be able to use some of goes art’s services that requires login processes.

Personal Information protection representative and department.
As goes :art | channel TV believes that our customers’ personal information is extremely important, we are doing our best to prevent our customers’ personal information from being damaged, infringed or leaked. You may report any inquires or complaints that is pertains to your personal information when using our services.


Changes to these Terms
The Owner reserves the right to amend or otherwise modify these Terms at any time. In such cases, the Owner will appropriately inform the User of these changes.

Such changes will only affect the relationship with the User for the future.

The continued use of the Service will signify the User’s acceptance of the revised Terms. If Users do not wish to be bound by the changes, they must stop using the Service.

If there are any question regarding goes art’s services and/or features, Contact Us! . Through the User’s account and payment, goes :art | channel TV will answer the inquires digitally through the email address that was stated during registration.

These terms and conditions will be effective from April 4th, 2021.


Personal Information Protection representative
Name: Jesus Nava Rivero
Position: CEO/CPO
Contact information:

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