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Atelier und Kunstarbeit: Michaela Putz

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Strong local positions at ATELIER 030202, Bucharest

Between November 9 and December 9 2016, ATELIER 030202, a contemporary art space in Bucharest, is hosting the exhibition “FĂRĂ PENSULE” (eng. WITHOUT PAINT BRUSHES) within the framework of “Salonul Național de Pictură” 2016 (eng. National Exhibition of Painting), under the aegis of UAP (The Romanian Artists’ Association). Francisc Chiuariu, Foto © Ana-Daniela Sultana. Featuring nine local established artists - Zoltán Béla, Francisc Chiuariu, Suzana Dan, Aurora Király, Radu Pandele, Cosmin Paulescu, Laurian Popa, Beniamin Popescu, and Liviu Stoicoviciu - the exhibition displays mixed media and installations, while emulating a subversive approach (which already has a strong tradition in the lo

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