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curated by VIENNALINE

The gallery festival with international curators in Vienna



With the curated by gallery festival initiated in 2009, the Vienna Business Agency supports the systematic collaboration of Viennese galleries and international curators with the aim of emphasising the importance of Vienna as a base for galleries and business. From 2009 to 2017, the Business Agency coordinated and financed the festival that is being staged independently by a consortium of participating galleries as from 2018.

Photo © Lea Sonderegger

This year’s instalment of curated by explores under the title viennaline the specific aspects of the Vienna system. In the festival’s tenth year, the city itself is at the centre of attention. The optimism of enlightenment, the political situation, the modes of perception, the city of contrasts, life between the baroque and present times, the culturally entrenched bridge between the East and West, local elements in the global context, and the imaginary itself are among the distinctive components of this city.

Video by global:artfair / Lea Sonderegger & Diana Smaczynski


  1. Charim Galerie Wien | curated by_THOMAS JEPPE & REBECCA LAMARCHE-VADEL

  2. Crone Wien | curated by_MARK RAPPOLT

  3. Croy Nielsen | curated by_SAIM DEMIRCAN

  4. Galerie Nathalie Halgand | curated by_ATTILIA FATTORI FRANCHINI

  5. Galerie Ernst Hilger | curated by_KATARZYNA USZYNSKA

  6. Galerie Martin Janda | curated by_LATITUDES (M. ANDREWS & M. CÁNEPA LUNA)

  7. Georg Kargl Fine Arts | curated by_WOLFGANG KOS

  8. Knoll Galerie Wien | curated by_ESZTER LÁZÁR & EDINA NAGY

  9. Christine König Galerie | curated by_DANIEL MUZYCZUK

  10. Krinzinger Projekte | curated by_JÉRÔME SANS

  11. Krobath Wien | curated by_MIRJAM THOMANN & JENNI TISCHER

  12. Galerie Emanuel Layr | curated by_ROBERT MÜLLER

  13. Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna | curated by_LÓRÁND HEGYI

  14. Galerie Meyer Kainer | curated by_MELANIE OHNEMUS

  15. Galerie Raum mit Licht | curated by_FRANZISKA LESÁK

  16. Gabriele Senn Galerie | curated by_GEORG ELBEN

  17. Galerie Steinek | curated by_GERALD MATT

  18. Sophie Tappeiner | curated by_CÉDRIC FAUQ

  19. Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman | curated by_MARKUS MITTRINGER

  20. Galerie Hubert Winter | curated by_LORENZO GIUSTI


Photography and Camera, Lea Sonderegger

Production, Diana Smaczynski

Editor, Jesus Rivero

Source, Curated by (press material)

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