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Atelier und Kunstarbeit: Michaela Putz

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Faig Ahmed. Between tradition and new techniques

The young artist Faig Ahmed, born and educated in Azerbaijan, created some pieces for the exhibition space MACRO in Rome. His first solo exhibition in MACRO is an interesting mix of site-specific, interactive- and body-art. The “heart” of the exhibition is -in fact- a huge installation which uses the big hall of the museum to present the spectator a serie of green carpets, which cover the entire ground and which gradually go up, creating a kind of wave that seems to symbolize the pray of the muslims, whose direction is heaven, house of God. Faig Ahmed transforms through his works the symbolic and the imaginary to something physical, and invites the beholder to reflect upon it; his invitatio

ARCO MADRID wants Latin America to come back

Arco invited many artists and galleries from Latin America this year in order to regain the role it used to have. New international art fairs stole ARCO visibility in the last years, but now (after 35 years) ARCO re-invents itself. ARCO Madrid was born in an era, when everything started in the modern art world and today it tries re-invent itself by looking at Latin America. After other fairs, such as Art Bassel Miami, Sao Paulo Fair for example, started to grow in importance, ARCO now tries to get its international recognition back and to re-conquest a protagonist role and it does it by deciding to collaborate with the galleries of the countries on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.In t

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