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Gallery Weekend Berlin

Last week end another edition of the Gallery Weekend took place in Berlin (April 29 - May 1, 2016). The event lasted three days, in which all galeries of the city opened their doors to the public, in order to show the works f art of their most important artists.

Kreuzberg - district, one of the districts with the higher concentration of art galeries in Berlin, became a must for all the collectors and lovers of contemporary art, who were interested in discovering the newest and most interesting artistic producitons.

We of global:artfair started our tour from the König Galerie, located in the former church of St. Agnes, whose character is unique, due to the fact that a religious building has been converted into a space, dedicated to contemporary art. The space, which is an example of the brutalist architectonial style of the berliner architect Werner Düttmann, hosted some works of art by the two young femal artists Annette Kelm and Claudia Comte.

Not far from St. Agnes, we found the Galerienhaus: an entire building, in which there are eleven different art galeries, which all took part to the event.

The artistic proposal of this exhibitive complex were vary various. They went from the conceptual installation "Early Man" by Alice Channer -exhibited in the gallery "Konrad Fischer"- to go through the political critic by the polish artists Kwiek and Kulik -in the Zak Branicka galllery-, and through the materic and coloristic painting by Peter Krauskopf -in the Jochen Hempel gallery-, to finally end with the to the delicate photographies of nature by Michael Schmidt -in the Nordenhake Gallery-. After our tour though many different galleries, located near the emblematic site of the Check Point Charlie, we would like to mention (with special enthusiasm) the art's space "Veneklasen/Werner", which exhibited the avant-garde films, sculptures, sketches and collages by the U.S.A. artist Pat OìNeill.

FOTOS © Isabel Barea / global:artfair

Translation: Carmen Frigerio


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