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Interview with Isidora Krstić (Co-founder Art space U10)


Isidora Krstić

Born in 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, department of Painting (2011). She enrolled the Master program Art&Science at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 2012. She participated in a number of group exhibitions across Europe. She also worked as an organiser and curated several shows. She participated in the international workshop Real Presence from 2006-2010 and collaborated with nKA/ICA run by curator BiljanaTomic since 2007. She has had a solo show at U10 in Belgrade in 2012, and a solo show in Bildetage, Vienna in the scope of the Orpheus ’14 Residence Program.




Art space U10

Kosovke devojke 3
11000 Belgrade

Art space U10 opened on 3 May 2012 as an independent exhibition space. The first exhibition titled 10+1 opened the space to the Belgrade public with an appeal to novel and quality contemporary art. A self-organized team was put together for this occasion consisting of Isidora Krstic, Iva Kuzmanovic, Lidija Delic, Marija Sevic, Nina Ivanovic, Sava Knezevic and Nemanja Nikolic who is also the initiator of the project and under whose curatorship the artists were presented together with four more artists at the opening of the space.


The fundamental point of the art space is to promote young artists at the beginning of their artistic careers who haven’t had the opportunity to be adequately presented to the local public. The presence of all forms of artistic media so far created a vibrant and dynamic program which allowed the space to be transformed according to each artists own facet of artistic practice (Text by Art space U10).



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Exhibitor Art  space U10

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