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TAKE Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts


Interview with Camille Boyer


Take – Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts is initiated and organized by the Austrian Fashion Association and creative headz (organizers of VIENNA FASHION WEEK).


For two years now, Austrian Fashion Association has been supporting Austrian fashion designers on their way to professionalization and internationalizing. The co-operation with creative headz started with the presentation of the Austrian Fashion Awards during VIENNA FASHION WEEK.14 and will now – in 2016 – be expanded to an autonomous festival event format.


For five days, Vienna will become a fashion platform on which the Austrian fashion scene will present its contemporary diversity.

The characteristical premises of ALTE POST in Vienna´s first district will become stage and platform for fashion performances and shows, presentations of the latest collections, exhibitions, screenings, lectures and talks.


The awarding of the AFA – Austrian Fashion Awards will also be embedded in the festival. This year the ceremony will take place under the artistic direction of Markus Hausleitner (House Of The Very Island’s...).


Concern and aim of Take – Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts is to highlight the topic of fashion from diverse perspectives and to allow very different views, including critical and partial contradictory opinions.

Co-operations with fashion and arts institutions, training schools, galleries and party organizers, a call for projects and curated formats will lay the ground for thought-provoking impulses and discussions as well as for amazement and entertainment.


Experts and protagonists of the international fashion scene, amongst them Wally Salner, Elke Gaugele and Monica Titton from Austria also add to think outside the own fashion box.


AFA-Austrian Fashion Awards 2016




Finalists Fashion Award of the City of Vienna:


Leopold Bossert


WINNER: LEOPOLD BOSSERT http://www.leopoldbossert.com


Finalists Fashion Award of the Federal Chancellery of Austria:

Raphael Caric

Marie Oberkönig


WINNER: MARIE OBERKÖNIG http://www.marieoberkoenig.com


Winner outstanding artist award for experimental fashion design of the Federal Chancellery of Austria:


FLORA MIRANDA http://www.floramiranda.com


Winner WIEN PRODUCTS Accessories Award


BRADARIC OHMAE http://www.bradaric-ohmae.com



departure fashion night 2016


Five selected designers and labels that are promoted by Vienna Business Agency presented their collections in the course of departure fashion night:


Arthur Arbesser  http://arthurarbesser.com/


DMMJK   http://www.dmmjk.com/


Femme Maison  http://femme-maison.com/


Pia Bauernberger  http://piabauernberger.com/


Sabinna  http://www.sabinna.com/


(Text by Press, PR & Social Media - Take Festival)



by global:artfair


Director and Editor

Jesus Rivero

Artistic Director

Magdalena Winkler


Zuzana Melichar


Music courtesy of Suplex (35, Kommodor-If there is light & 56, Cardex-Feliz)


Thanks to:
Camille Boyer

Austrian Fashion Association


Take- Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts


© 2016, Producer

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Take Festival

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