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Parallel Vienna, The tower of Babel of the contemporary art at vienna

Parallel Vienna 2017 is taking place for the fifth time in Vienna and this year the former Sigmund Freud University located in the 3rd district of the city of Vienna has been chosen as presentation platform for young and established art. The sacred and the profane in contemporary art is united there in one place and in one institution. Parallel Vienna is presenting established artistic practices as well as the most innovative of the contemporary art, from art installations, painting, sculpture, video installation, video art, digital art, from conceptual art to transmedia art where the artist proposes, destroys, creates, where the chaos and order of things become in one.

Paralllel Vienna is the tower of Babel of contemporary art in Vienna. As hybrid art event that goes beyond the Interpretation of Dreams, theory of sexuality or of the oedipus complex, Parallel Vienna is a new form of art fair that Sigmund Freud could not decipher.

Parallel´s Statement

„Parallel Vienna 2017 is a hybrid between art fair, exhibition, gallery and studio. As a meta-organisation whose do-it-yourself (DIY) principle translates into the infrastructure of the artistic institution, the exhibition platform manages itself: a trading centre for new ideas and a dedicated testing ground for self-professionalisation“


September 19th – 24th

Alte Sigmund Freud Universität

Schnirchgasse 9A, 1030 Vienna

PARALLEL VIENNA 2017, preview und first impressions

Photo Credit © Lea Sonderegger

Text by Jesus Rivero

Photo Credit © Lea Sonderegger



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