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Jan Fabre

STIGMATA. Actions & Performances 1976-2016

Foto: courtesy of Leopold Museum Wien
 Fabre, A Meeting Vstrecha, 1987  ©Angelos Bvba / Foto: M3 Studio (Rome)

STIGMATA. Actions & Performances 1976-2016


Art Talk with Jan Fabre


“There is a Jan Fabre who is a clown. There is a Jan Fabre who is stupid and a Jan Fabre who is a scientist, an entomologist, a philosopher, a night owl,” Jan Fabre declares. The universal artist’s body contains a multitude of personifications. They all take their positions in this pandemonium tamed by Germano Celant into an exhibition of visions, ideas, figments, objects, hypotheses and documents that are presented under the title Stigmata at Leopold Museum in the scope of ImPulsTanz. In 1976, a young Jan Fabre visited an exhibition in Bruges of paintings by Flemish masters showing stigmata and flagellations. “A shock,” he says. “That’s when I discovered the concept of performance, even before I was aware of the term itself.” His first performance actions were burning money and drawing with his own blood. At the centre of his oeuvre, situated between visual art and theatrical works, Fabre identifies the “performance section” as “self-perforation” and a search within oneself: “What is the meaning of the skin, the blood, the urine? And why do we sweat?” (PRESS RELEASES, ImPulsTanz)

Examining and liberating

the body is a sacred duty.

My catechism:

Art is the father

Beauty the son

And freedom the spirit.

Jan Fabre, 1983



07th July to 27th August 2017



ImPulsTanz. Vienna International Dance Festival


Video Producer


Kunst und Medienagentur

Director and Editor
Jesus Rivero
Moderation and Production

Diana Smaczynski

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(Hintergrund) Exhibition view / 2017  Leopold Museum

Jan Fabre

Foto: © global:artfair

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