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hyper ]space[

hyper space is an art labor that presents works of postdigital aesthetics in a new concept of exhibition “hypermedia exhibition”. This new space proposes a connection of (post-)contemporary art to a mirror-world that reflects a virtual space with aspects of external reality. Hypermedia exhibition is an environment where artists interact in a global village socially and artistically, by means of a cyberspace that acts as a metaphor of the real world but without the physical or economic constraints imposed there.

hyper space decentralizes exhibition spaces, and thus becoming the post-offspace in adapting exhibitions to smart cities and connected societies through existing social networks and new ones that will come in the near future.

The ground zero of hyper space is a real and public space, symbolically representing the global village. The hypermedia exhibition will have an opening Taking Place in a real space such as galleries, off-spaces or museums of contemporary art. Later it will be possible to enter into the hypermedia exhibition through the cyberspace.


Therefore, we present international artists, whose postdigital aesthetics and visual art (video art, video mapping, computer graphics, visual computing, animation film, digital cinema, art gifs, augmented reality and virtual reality) contextualizes the international context of the aesthetic postmodern manifestations.






future hype statement

The exhibition presents some disturbing questions about the current shift in human civilization, the desire to change humanity through technology and even to replace the human being with a new species - the Homo-Deus (superhumanity).




An installation view of Jon Rafman’s “Tokyo Red Eye (Massage Chair)” (2015). at the Zabludowicz Collection in London, in 2015. Credit Thierry Bal

The Roof Lighting Project, 2015

 © David Osthoff / Photo: Nicola von Leffern


© Julia Zastava / something must happen

© global:artfair / Jürgen Hagler - Digital Art

© Wix Video